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Call for Papers

Conference ESSE-13 in Galway (August 24-26, 2016)

Last updated 13/02/2016

Biographical Studies are emerging as a field of research in the humanities, at a crossroads between several disciplines. This seminar would welcome contributions to the study of biography as a genre, considering that it raises specific issues that distinguish it from autobiography. It would equally be interested in approaches to the practice of biography as a method of academic research, from microhistory to literature and cultural studies. For instance, individual papers may address theoretical questions, case studies of particular biographers’ works, the history and the poetics of biography, the impact of the biographical turn, the evolution of biographical dictionaries, or the innovative influences of the biopic and digital humanities.

Conveners :
Pr Joanny Moulin, Aix-Marseille University,
Pr Hans Renders, University of Groningen,

An edited version of this abstract will appear in The European English Messenger and on the ESSE conference website.

Please note that paper proposals should be addressed to and The deadline for accepting paper proposals is February 28, 2016.

Biography Theory and Practice

Biography Theory & Practice is devoted to biography as an object and/or a method of research, with a view to answering the current demand for a theorization of biography as an emerging field, at a crossroads between several disciplines in the humanities. Biography is considered here as distinct from autobiography. The blog welcomes contributions on biography as a genre of literature and cinema, biography as a mode of historiography, life-writing as as academic discipline, biographical dictionaries, and the current impact of digital humanities on biographical writing.